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Changes to EHP rates

During the past week we have made changes to all categories of EHP rates. The biggest changes are to main, iron and F2P rates that have been changed quite a bit.
The EHP page now also displays all bonus xp for each skill and added more information to skills if available. Currently more details about methods are only available for F2P-EHP, but I would be more than happy to add them to all categories if provided.

I'm not aware of all the specific changes to iron and F2P rates so I can't list them here.

Main EHP

  • Thieving from swimming to duo PP (280k)
  • Agility 70k -> 85k (From brim/werewolf to Sepulchre)
  • Hunter 240k -> 255k
  • Fishing 110k -> 135k (From barb fish to 2t fishing)
  • All bonus xp related to barb fishing and swimming removed

Lvl3 EHP

  • Fishing 95k -> 120k
  • Hunter 665k -> 315k

Fantasy EHP

  • All same changes as to main EHP
  • Runecraft 180k -> 240k
  • Agility 85k -> 90k
  • Smithing 400k -> 410k
  • Prayer 1600k -> 1850k
  • Construction 900k -> 1050k

Just to clarify fantasy EHP rates are tougher EHP rates designed for competitions in mind. They have NO pre99 rates.

June 29, 2020


The Chinese Virus pandemic has successfully shut down all major sporting events on a tremendous global scale. But fear not, it will not affect the most prestigious skilling competition! Skilling Cup 2020, also formerly known as Fantasy EHP, will kick off Sunday eve on the 5th of April, where the 8 best teams in the world will battle it out over the next 10~ weeks to find out who will be World Champions of Skilling. You can find the coverage from the navigation bar under "Fantasy" or clicking here.


  • 8 managers each running a team respectively - some teams accompanied by a comanager
  • The managers are automatically assigned to their own team prior to the draft - this does not apply to eventual comanagers
  • 15 players on each team (14 drafted + 1 manager)
  • 112 players drafted in total (120 with managers)


  • A draft will be conducted to determine which team players will represent
  • Managers can choose between all players in the game so long as they have 1k Efficient Hours Played or have received dispensation from the commissioners
  • After the draft has concluded the teams are then locked and can no longer make any changes to the team.
  • No trading or picking up players

Regular Season

  • Round-Robin format (each team plays all other teams in the league once)
  • Match duration is 7 days
  • Overlap: Enabled. When Gameweek 1 ends, Gameweek 2 starts, when Gameweek 2 ends, Gameweek 3 starts and so on and so forth
  • 8 players starting every week (remaining 7 players are sitting on the bench resting and cheering)

Regular Season tiebreakers

  1. Win/Loss
  2. Head-to-head
  3. EHP for

If 2 teams are tied, same W/L record, then it gives the tiebreaker to whichever team won the head-to-head match between the two tied teams.

If 3 teams or more are tied, same W/L record, then it first looks at head-to-head between the tied teams internally, and then it looks at EHP for. EHP for will always be EHP for all 7 games of the season combined, and not just EHP for in the head-to-head matchups. If 3 teams have a 4-3 record, Team A defeated Team B, Team B defeated Team C, and Team C defeated Team A, then all 3 teams are tied 1-1 internally. EHP for (the total EHP for in all 7 games of the season) will then tiebreak the teams and rank them accordingly.

If 3 teams are tied, Team A defeated both Team B and Team C in the regular season (2-0 against them internally) then it ranks A the highest of the 3 teams and the winner of the Team B and Team C matchup will be ranked 2nd out of these 3 teams.


  • Semi-finals (June 1 00:00 UTC- June 7 23:59 UTC) Number 1 will play Number 4 from the regular season, Number 2 will play Number 3
  • 72 hour break between semi-finals and finals
  • Finals (June 11 00:00 UTC - June 17 23:59 UTC) Losers of the semi-finals are eliminated and tied for 3/4, winners advance to the Grand Finals
  • Same rules from the regular season apply

Written by Lavine

April 16, 2020

Welcome to TempleOSRS


TempleOSRS is an Old School Runescape xp tracker developed with an intention to provide xp tracking site with active and enthusiastic staff.


TempleOSRS includes most features you would expect to find on any other xp tracking site. These include group support, competitions, hours played algorithm, xp/boss tracking with records etc.

TempleOSRS also supports automatic name changes for everyone who has achieved 200m in any skill, however this feature is currently ONLY supported for main accounts.

Previous datapoints

If you have previous datapoints on cml they can be imported from your profiles "Tools" tab. This feature will get roughly ~90% of your past datapoints, so if you got any missing datapoints that affect your records let me know and I will fix it.


For all help, flag requests or feature suggestions, contact me on the TempleOSRS official Discord server or tweet me on twitter 444Mikael. You can also pm me ingame "Mikael".

January 4, 2020

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