Hell In Osrs Sotw

Ended 1 day and 9 hours ago

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2021-06-08 04:01:00

7d ago


2021-06-14 04:01:00

33h ago



Team standings

# Team Gain Team MVP
1.Team 9+2,923,230Skyygoddess

Team 9

1.Skyygoddess+2,194,4258h ago
2.Mr No Sleep+465,0638h ago
3.Theenpeezy+228,01327h ago
4.V La D+35,72910h ago
2.Team First Place+1,458,933Papigringito

Team First Place

1.Papigringito+1,372,42521h ago
2.Dr2hands+86,2111h ago
3.Thepfaffer+29727h ago
4.Exquisitedab03d ago
3.The Average Joes+768,323Oof Itz Joe

The Average Joes

1.Oof Itz Joe+768,22311h ago
2.Ragedup25+1003d ago
3.Dznutzbdragn04d ago
4.Gillty Money00h ago


1.2hurican22+368,8158h ago
2.Look At Rock+253,13127h ago
3.King R33f3r+76,3005d ago
4.Queen Britt+24,33236h ago
5.Awowogei Disciples+324,346Horror Fan

Awowogei Disciples

1.Horror Fan+320,34627h ago
2.Ledus13+4,0003d ago
3.Platypus28803d ago
4.7esty03d ago
6.Simp Catcher+118,380Satisfiedboy
7.Was His Name O+41,337Stelywelzner

Was His Name O

1.Stelywelzner+30,69447h ago
2.Mad Of War+9,55544h ago
3.Bubble Luv+1,0886h ago
4.Zbone03d ago
8.Making Friends With My Mom+1,266Heroic Luigi

Making Friends With My Mom

1.Heroic Luigi+1,11610h ago
2.2l54+15049h ago
3.Hematemesis03d ago
4.Drewptitties03d ago
9.Eskimo Brothers-Megatomax

Individual standings

# Name Gain Team name Update
1.Skyygoddess+2,194,425Team 98h ago
2.Papigringito+1,372,425Team First Place21h ago
3.Oof Itz Joe+768,223The Average Joes11h ago
4.Mr No Sleep+465,063Team 98h ago
5.2hurican22+368,815Others8h ago
6.Horror Fan+320,346Awowogei Disciples27h ago
7.Look At Rock+253,131Others27h ago
8.Theenpeezy+228,013Team 927h ago
9.Satisfiedboy+118,380Simp Catcher27h ago
10.Dr2hands+86,211Team First Place1h ago



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