Pure Crew Sotw Hunter Nov

Ended 5 months and 3 weeks ago

Competition description


2020-11-15 19:00:00

183d ago


2020-11-22 19:00:00

176d ago



Team standings

# Team Gain Team MVP
1.Team 1+29,541,941Big Joshy

Team 1

1.Big Joshy+10,183,17317h ago
2.Katiey+8,604,43836d ago
3.Sort Me Out+4,601,0761h ago
4.Semantic+3,815,7023d ago
5.Lnverse+1,034,18337h ago
6.This Dds+774,31786d ago
7.Rngzus 1 Def+335,82024h ago
8.Pic Of Feet+193,2321h ago
2.Team 2+26,509,743Datironskill

Team 2

1.Datironskill+7,076,0291h ago
2.Zastrien+5,703,0411h ago
3.Puresthetics+5,315,35412d ago
4.Lifthumbly+4,278,7324h ago
5.Tioga+3,566,5131h ago
6.G R Y N E T+350,788176d ago
7.Scheifele+219,2864h ago
8.Ohrep025h ago

Individual standings

# Name Gain Team name Update
1.Big Joshy+10,183,173Team 117h ago
2.Katiey+8,604,438Team 136d ago
3.Datironskill+7,076,029Team 21h ago
4.Zastrien+5,703,041Team 21h ago
5.Puresthetics+5,315,354Team 212d ago
6.Sort Me Out+4,601,076Team 11h ago
7.Lifthumbly+4,278,732Team 24h ago
8.Semantic+3,815,702Team 13d ago
9.Tioga+3,566,513Team 21h ago
10.Lnverse+1,034,183Team 137h ago



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