Frequently Asked Questions


- How does TempleOSRS work?
TempleOSRS works by creating a 'snapshot' of your stats from the official hiscores at the time you press the update button on your profile. This 'snapshot' is often called a data point.

A data point holds all information that the official hiscores give, and will only be created if the official hiscores are currently working.

Following one of the Boss Hiscores update in 2020, it is required to have a certain kill count in several bosses to appear on the hiscores for that boss. To get the infernal cape icon on your profile, you need to show on the TzKal-Zuk HiScores.

Whenever a new data point is created it will be added to the database of that specific player. TempleOSRS will compare the earliest and latest data points within the time period specified on your player page (default 1 week).

- What is EHP/EHB?
EHP/EHB is a unit of measurement for one efficient hour played/bossed. It is a measure of time indicating having skilled/bossed at the most efficient rate for 1 hour in that specific skill/boss.

EHP is focused on the most efficient route toward 200m in all skills, and therefore not always equal to the highest possible exp/hr in a skill.

For skills in which the most efficient way of gaining experience requires a method that gains experience in multiple skills (such as Slayer), your EHP will be divided over the different skills and should total to 1.
- Any API Information?
As of now the information can be found in the #api channel in our discord.
In the future this will be moved into an actual page on the site.

Any suggestions and questions will be answered on the #help channel in the discord.
- How do I get a flag on my profile?
See #request-country-flag channel on our discord.


- My records aren't showing up?
Your profile has either been marked as disqualified or specific records have been marked as non-competitive. You can find your profiles status on the "Tools" tab in your profile and non-competitive records are marked as red in your "Records" tab.

Non-competitive records:
TempleOSRS staff reserve the right to mark a record as fake and for it to not be shown on the records page. This will happen in the possibility of a bad data point, or the use of stored experience (Tears, Sq'irk juice, Brimhaven tickets, etc.).

Record yourself doing any competitive/contested 5m/6h attempts, top 3 records will be marked fake moving forward without video evidence. Link to the video will be posted on the records page next to your 5 min record.

It is important to note that due to game mechanics you can play for ~6 hours before OSRS servers attempt to forcefully log your account out, and your official hiscores only update when you log out of the game. This means that you can carry over 6 hours of experience into a time period.

Disqualified profiles:
Your profile might be automatically flagged as disqualified if it has datapoints from multiple different accounts that have significantly varying stats. This is done in order to keep the records/current top clean from any records/gains that have been caused by name changes.
- How do you set a 5 minute record?
Below you will find an example of how to set a five minute record. It is important to note that the same logic can be applied for any time period.

To set a five minute record an account must be played for 6 hours, and the corresponding account player page on TempleOSRS must be updated prior to the server forcefully logging them out. This captures the account data prior to the start of the account's game session.

The account then gets forcefully logged out of the game session after ~6 hours, and then the user updates their account again within five minutes of their "blank" starting data point.

The user can then opt to log back into the game to gain more experience before the initial data point's 5 minute deadline to gain more experience.


- When do days reset?
A day never resets, it will always be a comparison between your earliest and latest data point within the last 24 hours.

You can check when the earliest data point within a time period "falls off" by selecting your time period on the player page, and then looking for the section that states "Xp drop in: ". You can interpret this section as "How much time do I have left to get the biggest number for this time period."

Competitions and Groups

- My competition isn't tracking properly?
Participants aren't automatically tracked. Either everyone will update themselves once after competition starts and once before it ends, or someone runs a script to update everyone. We will hopefully include update button to competitions soon, but for now you will have to use script (can be found in the discord as pinned messaged in #general channel) for it.

Very likely the people, who aren't being tracked properly, didn't create an initial datapoint for the account at the start of the competition. The gain in competitions is calculated as difference between the first and the last datapoint.
- Can I update myself automatically?
Unfortunately there is not an official auto-updater. If you decide to create your own please be mindful of the amount of requests you sent to the server (we suggest a maximum of 5 datapoint requests per minute when updating groups).

If you are in need of something to automate adding datapoints for your clan members, please take a look into the Xp Updater plugin on RuneLite! This will solve most issues for trying to update large amount of clan members for events.

Keep in mind your account profile will only update if the official hiscores are working.

How to enable plugin:

- Missing members in group/competition?
Some people might have never used the site before and need to be tracked for the first time. Also make sure you filled in the correct RSN.


- What methods are used?
Here you can find all the used exp rates and methods for each available time played algorithm.
More in-depth description of efficient methods can be found in the skilling methods discord: