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Sep 18th
Reached 300 EHB
Sep 18th
Reached 3,700 Alchemical Hydra kills
Sep 18th
Reached 50,000,000 XP in Ranged
Sep 18th
Reached 700 Cerberus kills
Sep 16th
Reached 400 EHP
Sep 16th
Reached 100 Chambers of Xeric kills
Sep 14th
Reached 200 Vorkath kills
Sep 13th
Reached 1,700 Commander Zilyana kills
Sep 13th
Reached 500 Cerberus kills
Sep 13th
Reached 1,600 Commander Zilyana kills
Sep 9th
Reached 1,500 Commander Zilyana kills
Sep 8th
Reached 200 Dagannoth Prime kills
Sep 8th
Reached 200 Dagannoth Supreme kills
Sep 8th
Reached 200 Dagannoth Rex kills
Sep 7th
Reached 3,500 Alchemical Hydra kills
Sep 7th
Reached 3,400 Alchemical Hydra kills
Sep 5th
Reached 1,400 Commander Zilyana kills
Sep 3rd
Reached 100 KreeArra kills
Sep 3rd
Reached 1,300 Commander Zilyana kills
Sep 2nd
Reached 400 Cerberus kills

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