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No Need2bank830
Daddy Wyd750
Two Cute487
Farcast Uim139

Recent activity

Oct 20th
Reached 400 The Corrupted Gauntlet kills
Oct 20th
Reached 2,300 Kraken kills
Oct 20th
Reached 40,000,000 XP in Hitpoints
Oct 20th
Reached 40,000,000 XP in Strength
Oct 19th
Reached 200 EHP
Oct 18th
Reached 700 Giant Mole kills
Oct 17th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Fishing
Oct 16th
Reached 200 The Nightmare kills
Oct 16th
Reached 2,200 Kraken kills
Oct 15th
Completed 100 Easy Clues
Oct 15th
Reached 600 EHP
Oct 15th
Reached 600 Chaos Elemental kills
Oct 11th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Woodcutting
Oct 11th
Reached 2,200 Soul Wars Zeal kills
Oct 11th
Reached 20,000,000 XP in Strength
Oct 10th
Reached 2,000 Soul Wars Zeal kills
Oct 10th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Herblore
Oct 9th
Reached 800 Phosanis Nightmare kills
Oct 9th
Reached 100 EHP
Oct 9th
Reached 100 Tempoross kills

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