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Mar 3rd
Reached 3,900 Theatre of Blood kills
Mar 1st
Reached 400 Vorkath kills
Feb 28th
Reached 1,400 Cerberus kills
Feb 28th
Reached 1,800 Kraken kills
Feb 28th
Reached 1,100 King Black Dragon kills
Feb 26th
Reached 600 Grotesque Guardians kills
Feb 24th
Reached 165,000,000 XP in Hitpoints
Feb 24th
Reached 1,500 EHP
Feb 22nd
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Slayer
Feb 22nd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Herblore
Feb 22nd
Reached 400 Grotesque Guardians kills
Feb 19th
Reached 135,000,000 XP in Strength
Feb 18th
Reached 300 Vorkath kills
Feb 17th
Reached 3,300 Theatre of Blood kills
Feb 16th
Reached 100 Commander Zilyana kills
Feb 16th
Reached 1,200 Cerberus kills
Feb 16th
Reached 1,700 Kraken kills
Feb 14th
Reached 1,200 Kalphite Queen kills
Feb 12th
Reached 80,000,000 XP in Strength
Feb 12th
Reached 85,000,000 XP in Ranged

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