Vibin Cc

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Medicate D1,193
W I S I R O10

Recent activity

Oct 28th
Reached 100 EHP
Oct 28th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Farming
Oct 28th
Reached 1,700 EHP
Oct 27th
Reached 200 Alchemical Hydra kills
Oct 26th
Reached 2,500 Kraken kills
Oct 25th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Mining
Oct 25th
Reached 1,900 Zulrah kills
Oct 25th
Completed 200 Clues
Oct 23rd
Reached 900 Chambers of Xeric kills
Oct 23rd
Reached 200,000,000 XP in Overall
Oct 23rd
Reached 900 Abyssal Sire kills
Oct 23rd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Defence
Oct 23rd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Hunter
Oct 21st
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Herblore
Oct 21st
Reached 25,000,000 XP in Farming
Oct 20th
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Firemaking
Oct 20th
Reached 30,000,000 XP in Woodcutting
Oct 20th
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Hunter
Oct 14th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Defence
Oct 13th
Reached 800 Abyssal Sire kills

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