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Harry Rs1,525
Liam 1k965

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Sep 23rd
Reached 55,000,000 XP in Ranged
Sep 23rd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Farming
Sep 23rd
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Firemaking
Sep 22nd
Reached 75,000,000 XP in Magic
Sep 22nd
Reached 160,000,000 XP in Cooking
Sep 22nd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Thieving
Sep 22nd
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Agility
Sep 22nd
Reached 400 Dagannoth Prime kills
Sep 22nd
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Prayer
Sep 21st
Reached 1,700 Zulrah kills
Sep 21st
Reached 300 The Nightmare kills
Sep 21st
Reached 65,000,000 XP in Strength
Sep 21st
Reached 155,000,000 XP in Cooking
Sep 21st
Reached 2,100 The Nightmare kills
Sep 21st
Reached 1,000 Vorkath kills
Sep 21st
Reached 400 Thermonuclear Smoke Devil kills
Sep 21st
Reached 1,400 Sarachnis kills
Sep 21st
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Slayer
Sep 21st
Reached 20,000,000 XP in Ranged
Sep 20th
Reached 25,000,000 XP in Farming

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