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Sep 3rd
Reached 100 Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode kills
Aug 15th
Reached 1,400 EHP
Aug 10th
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Runecraft
Jul 31st
Reached 100 Dagannoth Supreme kills
Jul 31st
Reached 100 Dagannoth Prime kills
Jul 31st
Reached 200 Grotesque Guardians kills
Jul 26th
Reached 400,000,000 XP in Overall
Jul 26th
Reached 100 Crazy Archaeologist kills
Jul 26th
Completed 100 Master score
Jul 15th
Reached 600 Sarachnis kills
Jul 15th
Reached 1,200 Commander Zilyana kills
Jul 15th
Reached 500 King Black Dragon kills
Jul 14th
Reached 100 The Corrupted Gauntlet kills
Jul 14th
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Slayer
Jul 14th
Reached 30,000,000 XP in Strength
Jul 14th
Reached 600 Dagannoth Rex kills
Jul 14th
Reached 400 Kalphite Queen kills
Jul 14th
Reached 500 EHB
Jul 14th
Reached 800 Cerberus kills
Jul 14th
Reached 600 Dagannoth Supreme kills

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