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Chubby Beard726

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Nov 27th
Reached 45,000,000 XP in Woodcutting
Nov 26th
Reached 10,000,000 XP in Ranged
Nov 26th
Reached 700 EHP
Nov 26th
Reached 100 Kril Tsutsaroth kills
Nov 26th
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Slayer
Nov 26th
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Fletching
Nov 26th
Reached 3,900 Kraken kills
Nov 24th
Reached 400 Corporeal Beast kills
Nov 24th
Reached 3,500 Dagannoth Prime kills
Nov 24th
Reached 300 The Nightmare kills
Nov 22nd
Reached 2,900 King Black Dragon kills
Nov 22nd
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Woodcutting
Nov 22nd
Reached 400 Dagannoth Rex kills
Nov 21st
Reached 200 The Nightmare kills
Nov 21st
Reached 300 Dagannoth Rex kills
Nov 17th
Reached 100 The Nightmare kills
Nov 15th
Reached 200 Dagannoth Rex kills
Nov 14th
Reached 100 Dagannoth Rex kills
Nov 10th
Reached 900 EHP
Nov 9th
Reached 40,000,000 XP in Woodcutting

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