The Big Gays

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Big Gay Ig1,143
Big Gay Ang1,090
Big Gay Arch445
Big Gay Tit293
Big Gay Kren328

Recent activity

Mar 2nd
Reached 5,000,000 XP in Thieving
Mar 2nd
Completed 300 Clues
Feb 23rd
Reached 100 EHP
Feb 23rd
Reached 100 EHP
Feb 21st
Reached 400,000,000 XP in Overall
Feb 20th
Reached 4,100 Zulrah kills
Feb 14th
Completed 100 Easy Clues
Feb 10th
Completed 100 Medium Clues
Feb 10th
Completed 200 Clues
Feb 6th
Completed 100 Clues
Jan 30th
Reached 4,000 Zulrah kills
Jan 28th
Reached 200 Chambers of Xeric kills
Jan 28th
Reached 3,900 Zulrah kills
Jan 26th
Reached 3,800 Zulrah kills
Jan 25th
Reached 3,700 Zulrah kills
Jan 25th
Reached 45,000,000 XP in Ranged
Jan 24th
Reached 3,600 Zulrah kills
Jan 23rd
Reached 3,500 Zulrah kills
Jan 19th
Reached 1,400 Zulrah kills
Jan 13th
Reached 300 Giant Mole kills

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