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Feb 24th
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Strength
Feb 21st
Reached 500 EHB
Feb 21st
Reached 1,400 Alchemical Hydra kills
Feb 15th
Reached 600 Chambers of Xeric kills
Feb 15th
Reached 200 Theatre of Blood kills
Feb 9th
Reached 1,400 Vorkath kills
Feb 8th
Reached 800 Thermonuclear Smoke Devil kills
Feb 8th
Reached 500 Chambers of Xeric kills
Feb 8th
Reached 400 Dagannoth Rex kills
Feb 7th
Reached 500 Kril Tsutsaroth kills
Feb 6th
Reached 100 Cerberus kills
Feb 6th
Reached 2,300 Kraken kills
Feb 6th
Reached 30,000,000 XP in Ranged
Feb 6th
Reached 600 EHB
Feb 6th
Reached 400,000,000 XP in Overall
Feb 5th
Reached 25,000,000 XP in Strength
Feb 4th
Reached 100 Vorkath kills
Feb 4th
Reached 2,200 Kraken kills
Feb 4th
Reached 15,000,000 XP in Thieving
Feb 4th
Reached 900 EHP

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