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User Tools

Generate records and achievements

If you have missing achievement dates or records this will generate you all achievements and records again. If the problem doesn't get fixed even after running this then you are most likely missing datapoints. The tool below will help you with that.

Fetch datapoints

Takes around 30s to complete! Once the page has finished loading it's done.

This tool will get nearly all relevant datapoints from your CML profile.
Can only be ran once every 31 days and it takes a while to complete. This is due to CML not directly offering way to get all your data. We need to make multiple requests to their server and in order not to spam it, there is a cooldown between each request which causes the long completion time.

Reassign your game mode

Re-evaluates your game mode. If you got wrong game mode assigned to you then this should fix it.

Custom name

Fixes your name in your profile if it isn't capitalized properly or has any special letters like underscores instead of spaces.

Profile status

Qualified for all leaderboards.